A Fresh Start (flash fiction)

A Fresh Start (127 word flash fiction)
The cool breeze was quite refreshing; a wanted change from the heat inside the structure.  Also invigorating was the daylight.  Far too long he had spent depressing days in the dark place his friends called home.  Home, not really; it was a just a synonym for mental purgatory.  It was nothing more than a place where good memories were dampened into bad dreams.  But now, now he saw a fresh start ahead of him.  A fresh start brightened by the chirping birds and bright flowers.  Now, as he walked along the narrow forest path, as leaves brushed against his skin, and the sight of a small village grew larger, Plasma started to laugh.  Yes, monsters can laugh.  Especially when they start a new adventure in the human world.
(A Fresh Start, © Steven S. Walsky, January 2, 2017)

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to Esther Newton’s January 2, 2017 Monday Motivations prompts: A fresh start, The dark place, and Monsters.
Please visit Esther Newton’s site to read the other submissions and her wonderful writing and marketing tips.


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