Thoughts of Spring in February (Poetry)

Esther Newton’s Monday Motivations for February 13, 2017 was to write a story or poem on the theme ‘spring’.  Wait, spring is when March departs like a lamb! Maybe…?…Esther has a great idea…of course she does!  Since a lot of our readers are experiencing winter ‘downs’ because of snow, rain, and high winds, let’s brighten their day with spring poems.  Here are four previously composed spring poems.


S pring is a reawakening
P leasing sunshine, warmth of hearts
R ain bringing forth flowers, the budding of love
I nfinite possibilities of the future
N ights of soft moonlight
G listening stars, like lover’s eyes do shine

(SPRING, © Steven S. Walsky, 2014)

March (Poems of Winter: 2004)

March drags the days along
a slow progression
winter’s echo near
spring’s minuet playing out its contradictions
counting, marking time
a cool reception to ensuing warmth

Counting the minutes, counting the days
wisping the seconds away
lasting for the moment, shadows of doubt
fleeting so fleeting
winter’s last pout

(March (Poems of Winter: 2004), © Steven S. Walsky, 2004.)

Spring Weddings

What brings upon the dawn
so swiftly,
a Swallow’s call.
Drifting cross the field to bloom,
to yield;
pulling another’s
so quickly.
Two soft songs
now one.
Two hearts beating,
neath the tall grass,
warmed by the sun.

(Spring Weddings, © Steven S. Walsky, 2009.)

little flowers

little flowers of spring
cast your shadows upon the land
no taller than the grass
but within your blossoms life abounds

(little flowers, © Steven S. Walsky, 2013.)

Please visit Esther Newton’s blog to read the other submissions and her wonderful writing and marketing tips.


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