Barbara’s Thoughts (homophone flash fiction)

Barbara’s Thoughts (homophone flash fiction)
Barbara sat next to the aisle thinking, “I’ll surly love the isle when I get there.”  It was eight at night and she was at the movies, just having ate at the restaurant her boyfriend’s band was recently banned from.  One patron had even thrown a beet at him because the beat was way off.  ‘Oh, well,’ she thought, at least she no longer had to hoard the chicken wings from the horde of friends who stopped by.  However, the place was better than the deli where her long locks always seemed to caress the lox.  With the movie a rap, she put on her wrap and walked outside.  As she waited for her boyfriend to get the car, she pondered which movie witch was more believable. ‘Probably, not the liar who played the lyre.’  Now it was off to her apartment where her boyfriend would end a weak music gig week by complaining.  At least he would be sweet when they were in the island hotel suite.
(Barbara’s Thoughts, © Steven S. Walsky July 22, 2017.)


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