her heart remembers (Poem)

The market was crowded
people from far and near
some are old
some young in years

She stood next to the flowers
thinking about desire
her heart remembers
her heart once on fire

How strange she thought
how time drifts away
memories once solid
now lost to the day

She wonders about him
the man she once loved
contemplating life anew
as a dove coos from above
(her heart remembers, © Steven S. Walsky November 2017.)


6 thoughts on “her heart remembers (Poem)

  1. I agree, lovely words for a past love. I have an essay to write for the 16th of December, Bill Hicks’s birthday. I’m a little gun shy since i was questioned twice about my truth concerning him. Broke my heart that’s already held together with epoxy.

    Wish I could pen poetry, like you, buy it’s not a strength I have.

    • I do love to write. However, in September I moved away from my favorite ‘writer’s haunt’ (a comfortable place where you can sit and think as you see the world go by). BUT, two weeks ago I discovered a Starbucks near where I’m living…AND, while sitting outside, I reread my ‘writer’s notes’ and was able to complete “Her Heart Remembers”. And good wordsmithing for your essay 🙂

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