Building Blocks (places to shop)

Think about where you shop and, based on the store’s name and/or situation, how others may perceive a relationship between your words and/or actions. Where do your characters shop? Here are some possible thought enhancer shopping places:
Lingerie shops? Victoria’s Secret or a shop that outfits plus size women. While in Victoria Secret, Jill mentioned that Fred calls them ‘linger a ray’ places!

Food stores? For example, Whole Foods indicates one’s organic food choices; while saying the name of the nice store Piggly Wiggly always draws attention.

Outdoor apparel? Does the name Mountain High Outfitters contradict a character’s fear of height?

Adult toys stores? No comment required.

Bargain shops? Does this kind of store indicate money conservative shopping, or the character being poor, or thoughtless? Nancy was not amused when she opened the birthday gift from Mission Possible Bargain Center.

Auto parts? Which name will empress more: Advance Auto Parts or Walmart?

Fast food? Fast food television advertisements may affect the reader’s perception of the character. Is he/she one of the people in the car at Sonic Drive-in?

Need to put a little shopping history in your writing? Here’s a link to Building Blocks (Old Businesses), with some OLD businesses still in operation!

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.

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