during their logomachy (Flash Fiction)

This 74 word flash fiction uses odd words from the Oxford Dictionarie.

During their logomachy, she looked deasil across the sky and had a cacoethes. However, the cerulean reminded her that his mental wonderings were fugacious. She also reminded herself that his love was not Barmecide. Looking at the etui in her hand she knew, as evidenced by this thoughtful gift, that her opsimath lover was becoming less superbious. Giving him a hug, she whispered “Let’s not let any pother make our love vagarious.” They kissed.
(during their logomachy. © Steven S Walsky, December 2018.)

Odd Words from the Oxford Dictionarie
Barmecide: illusory or imaginary and therefore disappointing.
cacoethes: an urge to do something inadvisable.
cerulean: deep sky blue.
deasil: clockwise or in the direction of the sun’s course.
etui: a small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics, and other articles.
fugacious: transient or fleeting.
logomachy: an argument about words.
opsimath: a person who begins to learn or study late in life.
pother: a commotion or fuss.
superbious: proud and overbearing.
vagarious: erratic and unpredictable in behaviour or direction.

A Bad Nock (Homophone FF)

“I’ll sit here on the aisle seat to hear the isle commentary”, said George to Linda. “Why”, replied Linda. “That way I’ll be discreet; by not having to cross in front of you if I have to get up during the program, I’ll be discrete from you.” Linda just sighed, “Well at least you’ll be at my side!”

Thankfully, George did wait until the end of the program to get up; which took a weight off Linda’s shoulders. To make up for his behavior, George went into a flower shop, walked back four rows, and bought her a rose. It was a red rose, just like the one she had told him that she had read about in the novel. Of course George was glad that he made up for his guilt feelings with the flower, and not some gilt jewelry.

However, the most interesting event of the evening was on the way to a café, when at the coign of a building, Linda saw a dollar coin on the sidewalk. Bending down to pick it up, her blouse bow, being too tight, ripped; thus ending the night for the two of them. “I guess with a bad nock, interesting events do knock”, said George; Linda was not amused.
(A Bad Nock, © Steven S. Walsky, November 2018.)

Comfort (Flash Fiction repost)

When he was in grade school, the old rickety bus would take the dirt track past the long abandoned dwelling. It was on the return trip, when the sun was setting, that he would marvel at the golden hue of the large bricks; a wondrous glow in contrast to the scrubland. Later, as a teenager he would dirt bike out to the building to watch the bricks morph into natural beauty as the sun descended. His friends never understood what captured his mind so. For him, it was reassurance the world held breathtaking beauty; comfort in knowing he was alive.
(Comfort © Steven S. Walsky, June 29, 2012.)

This 100 word piece of flash fiction was written and originally posted for the July 6, 2012 ‘Photo Prompt’ for ‘FridayFictioneers’ posted by Madison Woods.