a new day does dawn (Haiku)

Celebrate New Years
Look forward, not to the past
A new day does dawn
(a new day does dawn, © Steven S. Walsky, December 2018.)

Simplicity Lane Truism Haikus are snippets of the world around us that we should think about when developing characters, and the physical and mental atmospheres.


A poem was born on October 4, 2005 (Repost)

Prior to stopping at a restaurant on October 4, 2005, during a long drive to Baltimore, I had received a phone call. During the phone call, the caller said that someone had just told him about a woman whom I had not seen for 28 years. For the next 100+ miles to the restaurant, my mind was fixed on a specific 1975 photograph of the woman; a photograph that resided in an old album sequestered to a storage closet shelf. …thus, as I sat in the restaurant on October 4, 2005, a poem was born.