Sweet Love (Pure Whimsy)

In light of all of the Halloween advertising and shelves of treats in the stores, I thought I would raise the bar on flash fiction in 200 calories words.

Sweet Love

Slim Jim worked on 5th Avenue at the Clark Bar and was in love with Candy.  He met her one payday, and thanked the lucky charms he always carried in his pocket.  Sure his friends had snickers, and said he must have had at least a 100 grand in his hand for Candy to notice him.  Slim Jim liked Candy’s mom, Mary Sue, who was from Baltimore.  However, her pop, Big Moe, was a rocky road to please.  Big Moe wanted nothing less than the milky way for his daughter, and said no summit was too high for his sweet Candy.

After pop saw Slim Jim play baseball he said, “Hay butterfinger, my Candy needs one of the 3 musketeers.”  “What a froot loop,” said Candy, as she gave her big hunk a bit-o-honey kiss.  “I know,” replied Slim Jim, “he’s just giving me a twix.”  Mary Sue gave her cap’n crunch an elbow bump and added, “Oh Henry, your just a typical…whatchacmacallit…man from Mars.”

Slim Jim and Candy Apple had a spring wedding in Pennsylvania, with the Hershey Symphony playing sweet music; even a dove cooed.  With mounds of love, a year later they had a little baby Ruth.

(Sweet Love, copyright Steven S. Walsky, 2014, all rights reserved.)



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