“Simplicity Lane” the Novel

They say death comes to a small town slowly.  What caused the death of the Village of Tamplation, and has affected the lives of three generations of good people?  Discover the truth, as the family that once lived at One Twenty-Three Simplicity Lane accidently (?) reaches back into their roots.  But beware, for lethal greed exists in places goodness is ignorant of.  And try not to trip over the dead bodies…and not just the one’s laying on the path leading to the door of One Twenty-Three Simplicity Lane.

Simplicity new cover 123113 drawingThis novel is temporarily not available.

6 thoughts on ““Simplicity Lane” the Novel

      • I could not find this on Amazon, booklikes, LibraryThing or Barnes & Nobles. The Kobo books link no longer works. Please let me know where it can be found. Thanks you. I will post the review on goodreads.

      • Appreciate you looking for the novel Simplicity Lane; however both novels are temporarily not available due to editing.

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