A picture paints a thousand words

A picture paints a thousand words…as writers we need to be aware of ‘pictures’ that abound around us. What novel do you see born in this oil stain on a garage floor?

Liberty Town (poem, repost)

Liberty Town

It hung on a wall at Liberty Town,
a painting,
like a thespian holding sway.
In a space, yet so small,
the artist had so much to say.
The pigments of her dreams, life, fantasies
danced across the canvas,
enticing my eyes
to follow the progression of color.
An oscillating pitch of senses,
all calling to me;
and in the light cast by the canvas
I read far more.
For each project is a love affair
between the artist and her creation.
And like love itself,
a piece of art can be a most treasured gift
to last a thousand years,
or easily destroyed by the water of tears.

(Liberty Town, © Steven S. Walsky, 2009, all rights reserved.)

The inspiration for this poem was a painting hanging on the wall at the  Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, VA in 2009.  As I am about to move, and will no longer be able to visit Liberty Town and the other wonderful art galleries in Fredericksburg, I am reposting this poem.

Poem ‘carrots that fly’

I am very fortunate to live in an area that has a vibrant, creative art scene.  Two artists whose work I admire,  Lynette L. Reed and Elizabeth W. Seaver, started a Blog last year, We Two And You; exploring the world of collaborative writing and illustration.  In January they held a contest; provide a title and story for this illustration by Lynette:

Illustration by, and used by permission of, Lynette L. Reed; please do not copy.

Illustration by, and used by permission of, Lynette L. Reed; please do not copy.

Alas, I did not win; however Lynette has given me permission to use her illustration for this posting of my entry poem, carrots that fly.  Thank you Lynette.  And folks, if you are in the Fredericksburg, VA area, please stop in at Liberty Town Arts Workshop and visit their studios.

carrots that fly