Building Blocks (Drink Names)

Like food names, drink names can reinforce or contradict what the character is feeling about the person he/she is talking to or about.

A Day at the Beach: Kathy ordered a Day at the Beach.

Sex on the Beach: Dan immediately ordered a Sex on the Beach.

One Night Stand: Kathy thought ‘He might as well be upfront and order a One Night Stand!’

City Slicker: Martha looked at her date as she ordered a City Slicker.

Icebreaker: Mark decided to liven up the meeting by serving Icebreakers.

Sour Witch: Having listened to Jean complain for an hour, Jill ordered a Sour Witch.

Cadillac Margarita: Steve was in a joyous new car owner mood and ordered a
Cadillac Margarita.

Irish Car Bomb: His wife smiled as she ordered an Irish Car Bomb!

Italian Sunset: After a wonderful dinner, Ken ordered an Italian Sunset for the two of them.

For Building Blocks (Food).

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.