Their Date (Rhyming Flash Fiction)

(140 words) On the countertop sat his latest flop, which had more sugar than the pop sold at the local candy shop. So what was he to do, for he had no clue; sit with Sue and stew? Like a shadow on the wall, lunch plans can either drawl or forestall. Their date to ice skate would have to wait, now that lunch would be late. As for Sue, just getting over the flu, she knew it was a cue to not to stew.

Thus, with lunch at home a bust, they decided not to fuss; but did discuss taking the bus. For not far away, next to the bay, with the warm ocean spray, was a café to save the day. They shared an order of steak, two slices of cheese cake, a large milk shake, and had a wonderful date!
(Their Date, © Steven S. Walsky, October 2018.)