Building Blocks (premise)

This poem helps define the premise behind Building Blocks: Time molds vivid memories from one’s past into the building blocks of one’s writing. The poem was influenced by my frequent visits to Fredericksburg, Virginia art galleries, and came to mind this past Friday when I was thinking about all the monthly First Friday gallery open houses I have missed since I moved.

Life is not a single canvas
across which the palette of existence plays out
the days, years, the joys, the tears
Life is but a wall
like the art gallery hall
upon which are hung the transient images of our breath

Each panel a journey
a story unto itself blessed by its very completion
related, segmented, belated, translated
Stories awaiting readers
like a song yet song
notes rising and falling between birth and death

Life is not a single canvas
but the wall upon which our memories are hung

(Life is not a single canvas, © Steven S. Walsky 2009.)