Fowl Business (flash fiction repost)

Eddy grew up on the family farm. Being the youngest of six children, he was given the task of feeding the chickens. While some would say it was mundane work, Eddie would find out his pecking order. Thus, it was no surprise that Eddy would eventually own a chicken business, and is now busy running a multi-layer organization.

One day Eddie’s car, a Range Rover, disappeared; ‘how foul’, thought Eddie. Thankfully the police quickly found the car; and Eddie said this coupe was a feather in their caps.
Being foresighted, Eddy bought a cow to beef up the farm’s security.
(Fowl Business, is fiction, © Steven S. Walsky, April 4, 2016.)

This 100 word story was originally posted for Esther Newton’s 04/04/16 Monday Motivations; please visit her WordPress blog for great writing and marketing tips.


Building Blocks (Food)

Think about food names that express what the character is feeling about the person he/she is talking to or about.

Jerk Chicken: Mary thought for just a few seconds, “If I went out with you Tom for dinner, what would we have…Jerk Chicken?”

Whoopie Pie: Tom responded to Mary’s food comment by suggesting whoopee pie for desert.

Deviled Egg: “She eat deviled eggs for breakfast?”

Stink Bugs: When their tennis match was over, Fred suggested stink bugs for lunch.

Southern Fried Rattlesnake: Bill commented that banker Don probably liked to feast on southern fried rattlesnake.

Head Cheese: “I bet the boss eats head cheese in front of a mirror.”

Trifle: “Let’s have trifle for dessert and talk about your suggestion.”

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.