door to discovery (flash fiction/poem)

It was Saturday, and Fred stood motionless in front of the shopping mall café window. His eyes did not even move, and his breath was held tight. Those passing behind him did not notice, as they were either intent of looking for bargains, or in deep conversations about what would be on TV that night. Fred could see their reflections in the window, but his mind was too fixated on the doughnuts to care. ‘Doughnuts’, what a name he thought, ‘did it imply that nutty people could have money?’

Jokes aside, Fred knew that he should not even walk into the café; the aroma alone would set off his ‘feed me’ alarm. Nevertheless, within his mind, Fred could taste the butterscotch icing! Then, thinking about how tomorrow was still hours away, and discovery makes one’s day sway, he walked through the ‘door of discovery’!

I’ve come to count
on human drama
on stories that unfold
and on ones yet told

How can I do that
people ask in wonder
with looks on their faces
like rolling thunder

And so I reply
it’s quite simple
just look to the sky
and believe pigs can fly
(door to discovery, © Steven S. Walsky, October 2017.)


age is a paradox

At 14 years of age, he stood in front of his house waiting for a ride to a club meeting. In addition to the two children of the parent driving, there would be a girl that lived near them. At 16 he knew that every teenage heart throb movie and every love lost song was written about her. Even if he had the courage to ask her out, she lived on the other side of the city. At 18 he saw her for the last time; they were at the same event, and she agreed to sit next to him for a while. Like that day four years prior, he vividly remembers sitting next to her; but not the words they spoke. However, the word ‘love’ never became associated with her presence or memory. Desire for her presence, yes…not ‘I love you.’

In the years that followed the last time he saw her, he would meet girls that he would date, and eventually three that he would fall in love over; one he would marry. Then one day, at age 65, he was pondering why the three women he truly felt the emotion of love for were each physically different and had different personalities. It was then that he realized they had one thing in common, her smile. Strange he thought, why hadn’t he used the term ‘I love her’? The answer he believes is that she was shy and timid around him, and he respected her emotional privacy.

Age is a paradox
it refocuses your eyes
if but only on the memories you hide

Love is a puzzle
it clouds what one feels, sees, and hears
only to be focused by the years

And when you see clearly
when you grasp that which was missed
you think back
and you truly miss a first kiss
(age is a paradox © Steven S. Walsky, September 29, 2017)