her heart remembers (Poem)

The market was crowded
people from far and near
some are old
some young in years

She stood next to the flowers
thinking about desire
her heart remembers
her heart once on fire

How strange she thought
how time drifts away
memories once solid
now lost to the day

She wonders about him
the man she once loved
contemplating life anew
as a dove coos from above
(her heart remembers, © Steven S. Walsky November 2017.)


Every Joule Imaginable (Homophone Flash Fiction)

She thought it was sweet of him to select a perfect suite; she thought ‘could it get any better’. Then, while she was seated on the pouffe, he said “poof” and gave her the gift. Even without a loupe, she knew the gold loop was exquisite. This was no decorative frieze that would freeze a romantic moment. The brooch was so pretty, she decided to broach the subject of love forever. The look in her eyes was enough to let her scientist lover know the jewel now on her wriest had instilled more energy than every joule imaginable. He silently thanked his parents for passing along the genes that gave him the insight for the gift he had secretly carried in the pocket of his jeans.

Later, when they returned from a candle lit dinner, she was delighted to see that the maid had made the living room so relaxing. The events of the evening had added to a draining work week, and they were weak. It seemed as if the world had whirled by.  Now they could rest as one, and not wrest away the mood. Thus, over their teas, she teased him, and he her. “Life will be complete,” he told her, “if you will walk down the aisle with me on a beautiful isle.” A month later they tied the knot as the tide splashed against the sand.

(Every Joule Imaginable, is a work of fiction, © Steven S. Walsky, October 2017.)