haiku (bread)

bread haiku

This haiku is in response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #46 Think & Fresh.  Please visit his site to read the other submissions.


16 thoughts on “haiku (bread)

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    • Elizabeth, the aroma of warm bread fresh out of the bakery oven is not just difficult to resist, it is ‘memory sensuous’.

      • The words formed as I was writing my reply. I thought about just having mentioned a fresh baked bread story to a friend; next to cheesecake, fresh baked bread holds second place (sorry bread 😉 ).

        As the fictitious protagonist Dave, in Through a Stranger’s Eyes, plagiarizes my words, “True happiness does not require danger or rebellion. True happiness only requires taking the time to see the beauty of a flower, to savor the smell of fresh baked bread, to really feel a woman’s touch. Life is a series of journeys and it’s never too late to start enjoying yours.”

      • Well said, Dave! He’s a smart guy, I totally agree with that. In fact, I’m usually the one trying to convince other people to slow down and smell the roses. I think me and Dave would get along. 🙂

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