Dinky Dollar Night

DinkyDollar2Opening in 1893, Gwynn Oak Park was a privately owned amusement park just outside the northwest corner of Baltimore, Maryland.  The park closed in 1973 after facing the ‘perfect storm’ of bad publicity, bad finances, and Hurricane Agnes.  The owners desire not to integrate led to a July 4, 1963 confrontation when nearly 400 people marched on the park to protest the “whites only” policy; this event is ‘memorialized’ in John Waters’ film Hairspray (the “Tilted Acres” scene; which was shot at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania).  The park would remain segregated until August 28, 1963.  In 1974 its rides were auctioned off.  The carousel was moved, and is still in operation on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The Dixie Ballroom was the dance hall located within Gwynn Oak Park.  During its heyday, the big bands, such as Goodman, Dorsey, Miller, Kenton, and Shaw, were mainstay regulars.  As the poem speaks, the big bands left the stage and local groups took over.  By 1971, Dinky Dollar Night was a big draw.  The Dixie Ballroom was one of the last buildings of the park used for entertainment, and it burned down on Feb. 22, 1975.


“The Autumn BBQ”, a 211 word story to feed our verbomania

BBQstory H1

(Continued) Of course the interruption did not stop Larry’s bromography; highlighting his allotriophagy.  The group was thankful that Robbin succeeded in ending the discourse when she said that Larry’s yapping could give anyone cibophobia.

Eventually someone complained that it was taking far too long for the BBQ to reach the table.  Beth asked if Bob had dropped his watch in the BBQ and forgot how long it was taking.  To which Bob replied, “Have you ever tried to eat a watch?  It’s very time consuming.”

At exactly 6:00 pm Bob rang the dinner bell, and the group rushed to the table.  Noting the rush, Nancy reminded the group that psomophagy was not allowed.  Of course the hungry mob would not be chastised for poltophagy.  And, to Bob’s surprise, only one person earned the title Xylophagous.

The BBQ must have been good because they all suffered hyperphagia.

And the moral of the story is, the key to good barbecuing is having a sauce that can cover up your mistakes.

(The Autumn BBQ, Steven S. Walsky, September 2015.)

List of Odd Words:

Abactor: cattle thief

Abigeus: cattle rustler

Adonise: to adorn oneself

Allotriophagy: craving for strange foods

Bromography: a treatise on food

Cibophobia: fear of or distaste for food

Dapifer: one who brings meat to the table

Hyperphagia: eating too much

Poltophagy: prolonged chewing of food

Psomophagy: swallowing food without thorough chewing

Retrophilia: love of things of the past

Verbomania: craze for words

Xylophagous: wood-eating