Look Towards the Horizon (Short Story and Haiku)



The opening of the café’s door jolted the two back to today.  He pondered if he should withdraw his hand; if so, how fast…how slow.  Her answer to his mental question was to look at his outstretched hand, then at his face, and her stoic face said ‘it’s over.’  He withdrew his hand slowly; still hopes of a swift reversal.  The silence lasted but a minute; no less a lifetime to him.

She would say that he was a wonderful man…but, alas, not the man she was looking for.  She would wish him happiness in life and say that the woman who was right for him “would be very lucky”.  It was with those words the frown had taken up residence.  ‘Lucky’ he thought, as he walked from the café to the park, in which he now stood, was not a ‘loving’ relationship.  True, finding your perfect love mate can require some luck; but the word ‘luck’ refers to ‘being in the right place at the right time’.  Looking up at the night sky, he felt, believed, being at the café had been lucky; for she was not the one to share love with.

A smile of optimism appeared on his face; and the haiku sang to him as he walked home.

(Look Towards the Horizon short story and haiku, © Steven S. Walsky, February 2016.)

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