Three posts in one


I’m reading a newspaper.  The woman, now opening the container, looks at the headline and asks me what the story is about.  I tell her the Sabra Dipping Co. has announced a voluntary recall of their hummus due to a possible contamination with Listeria. I can now see that she is opening a container of Sabra hummus.

“When was the recall?”   ddddddddddddddddddddddd

“The article says April 8th.”

She looks at the container of hummus and says, “This was bought today, the 10th, so I’m sure it’s OK”; and proceeds to eat the hummus.

She made it off the airplane.


The following 109 word story is in response to Esther Newton’s weekly writing challenge of April 23, to write a story (a length of your own choosing), but it must feature the following words: ‘obstinate’, ‘lemon’, ‘diabolical’, ‘guzzling’ and ‘suave’.

The customer said that it was absolutely diabolical that children should be allowed to charge so much for lemonade.  “Such wicked childhood behavior can only lead to spoiled adults!”  The two young lads watched as the man, guzzling his third drink to the last drop, tossed a few more coins into the collection box.  Turning from the lemonade stand, the customer offered one last word of advice, “I should warn you, that being obstinate to even the most rudimentary cultural values will not produce a suave gentleman like moi-même;” and then he used his shirt sleeve to wipe away some stray drops of the lemon liquid from his chin.

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